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iPhone / iPad Application Development

Weaver offers iPhone/iPad app development services to build your apps taking full advantages of iOs .

Our team have the expertise you seek in iPhone Software Development Kit(SDK), Cocoa Touch, Objective C, Xcode IDE, Interface Builder, Accelerometer, GPS, Quartz, Core Animation, Core Graphics, Audio & Video, Instruments Testing, Memory Management, CFNetwork, XML Parsing and backend web services.

Got an idea for an iOs application?
We have the right combination of strategists , engineers and designers to "Craft your ideas to reality" no matter how small or how complex it is. Email us and get a free quote.


CRAFT YOUR IDEAS TO REALITY is the slogan of Weaver Technologies and I can truly testify that Weaver Technologies practices what they preach.

Here is my story:
I needed a header designed for a web site project. I laid out all the specifications of what I needed on a forum which is about internet marketing. I had many offers but Weaver came forward and took charge and showed me what they could do. I was very pleased with what they showed me. I saw need of some refinements and back and forth we exchanged emails with feedback and questions until the most beautiful and detailed web site header emerged with lots of details and illustrations.

It took a lot of work on their part and THE PRICE WAS UNBELIEVABLY LOW. If you look at the quality of work that I got combined with the price you would not go anywhere else to have your own ideas crafted into reality. I will most certainly use them again in the future.
Sincerely, James